The first slot machine by Sittman and Pitt proved to be a popular feature found in bars around the 1890s. The machine used play cards and made up poker hands to determine the win or loss. Winning hands were paid out in drinks or cigars and resulted in slot machines becoming quite a social event.

Land based venues were a culmination of different wager games all in one place. The age of Hollywood created a boom of popularity around table games such as roulette and poker. Some of the best casino shots were done through big franchises like James Bond.

As we shifted to the era of online casinos, convenience and freedom became a big factor.  Online gambling sites offer an abundance of games, promotions and loyalty perks. As a result of these changes, some may expect land based establishments to be outshined.

On the Web

The first online casino came into operation in 1994 by Microgaming, a gaming studio that’s well recognized in the gambling industry. In just four years, the number of sites grew to 800 and offered all kinds of games of chance. As new platforms arose, the convenience of gambling became nearly effortless. Players could join a site like Stakers by simply signing up with their personal details, deposit funds and start playing for real cash.

Online establishments expanded with more payment processors including credit, debit and bank transfers. Playing on mobile devices was available in the early 2000s but only took off once Android and iOS web browsers and applications were introduced. Players eventually got the option to choose e-wallets to deposit. Using multiple streamlined apps made bankroll management even simpler.

Security on the internet was a concern that was met and is still being improved upon even today. Insights for casino game lovers point to thousands of different slot games amongst hundreds of gambling sites with a single web search. Players can partake in offerings such as unique promotions, dedicated customer services, and a variety of VIP incentives.

Real Casino Experience

Physical venues provide their guests with the kind of social interactions that cannot be replicated on a computer. The atmosphere within a casino is always buzzing with activity.  From the moment players head through the doors, they are greeted with lights, sound, laughter and luxurious decor.

The front desk can be used to inquire details such as different amenities, current events or membership registration. Seeing others hit minor to major wins adds to the excitement of navigating the gaming floor. While enjoying the live entertainment, players can bring friends along or make new ones at the venue.

Visitors can relax and play slots with a drink they ordered through the floor staff. Poker can be considered at its best when played in person. Participants sitting at the poker table will give off the kind of social cues that cannot be seen at a computer.

Traditional vs. Modern Gambling

The average American works around 35 hours a week. Taking away sleep time and weekends, that leaves up to 4 hours of possible casino gaming per work day. Modern players prefer the convenience of online gambling, simply because it’s flexible. Gaming sessions can be carried out on computer or smartphone and it gives players in places like Michigan the ability to find more mobile casino options in MI.

Brick and mortar establishments are a drive out of the way and require pre-planning before embarking. It’s clear that there are strengths and weaknesses amongst the two choices, however, this could also be a matter of perspective.

Physical venues are meant to entice all the senses with luxurious scenery and a high-end experience. They are a perfect night out for a game of chance, dining at one of many fine restaurants, enjoying live shows and making memories,


Online casinos in America are slowly being integrated into new technologies such as virtual reality. While the internet expands into new platforms, traditional casinos have been shifting as well. With emphasis on customer service, resorts that house a gaming facility are more popular. Guest reviews on Tripadvisor have stated that many have ended up gambling more when staying at hotels.

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