Fish shooting tips are an important key to help you quickly become a master when hunting Hi88 online. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced gamer, the tips below will help you win easily and win attractive rewards. Please follow this article so you don’t miss any valuable lessons.
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Fish shooting tips revealed – Play to win big at Hi88

In addition to mastering the rules of the game as well as basic instructions in the game, you must definitely memorize the following fish shooting tips:

Hunt for fish in suitable betting halls

Choosing a table that suits your financial conditions is the first tip we want to introduce. If you are a newbie, you should only have fun in halls with low bets. This is an opportunity for you to accumulate more experience and harvest as many bonus coins and items as possible. When people are confident enough, they should move on to games with more complexity.

Tips for shooting fish to increase bullets from weak to strong

To prepare for the hunting process to go smoothly, players must buy bullets of different strengths. This will help you take down fish of various sizes throughout your entertainment.

In addition, when sniping, gamers should also gradually increase the strength and speed of bullets to defeat the target as soon as possible. Just master this operation, victory will definitely be in the palm of your hand.

Tips for shooting fish slowly and surely

Normally, players who are new to this game feel very excited when entering the table. Therefore, they often choose to play quickly and shoot continuously because they think it will be easy to hit and defeat the target.

However, reality shows that this will bring completely opposite effects. Instead, you should apply the trick of shooting fish slowly and aiming accurately to avoid wasting resources.

Tips for shooting fish alone

Many beginners often ignore small fish as their target and only pursue large creatures. However, according to advice from Hi88 experts, this way of playing is not entirely suitable for new players.

Instead, the trick of shooting single fish will bring unexpected results. With just 2 to 3 level 1 or 2 bullets, everyone can quickly and easily defeat their prey. In addition, compared to hunting in groups, aiming directly at the heads of individual fish is also much easier to earn money.

Do not abuse the automatic fire feature

At Hi88, players will be supported with the automatic shooting feature. Although it brings certain convenience to members, it consumes a lot of bullets and coins. Therefore, if you still do not know many fish shooting tips, absolutely do not abuse them during your hunting process. Focusing on aiming and shooting to increase your skills is the safest choice for everyone right now.

Flexibly change weapons

Another simple fish shooting tip that gamers should not ignore is the flexible use of the weapons provided. In addition to guns, Hi88 supports many other hunting tools such as anesthetics, lightning, bombs… They will help you destroy a large number of targets within a certain range.

3 steps to participate in online fish shooting at Hi88

After learning the extremely useful fish shooting tips mentioned above, you are surely eager to apply them immediately. So, follow our instructions below to join this exciting playground.
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  • Step 1: Register and log in: First, Hi88 customers must register an account on the house’s main website. Note, the system will require you to fill in all necessary information in the form. Make sure that any data provided to the platform is accurate to avoid potential problems that may arise later.
  • Step 2: Deposit money: Once you have successfully logged into the platform, deposit money into your account as betting capital. There are many transaction channels provided, including e-wallets, internet banking, QR codes or mobile scratch cards. Please prioritize choosing the most suitable payment method to save maximum time.
  • Step 3: In the next step, you just need to click on the Fish Shooting section on Hi88 homepage. At this time, all active lobbies will be recommended. Your task is to choose an area that best suits you to conquer. After each hunting trip, if you are lucky enough to become the winner, the system will immediately disburse the reward.


It can be seen that equipping yourself with these Fish shooting tips provided above will help you feel more confident when entertaining. We hope that the information just provided will help all members of the house win big for themselves.

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