The way to play Tien Len is actually extremely simple, anyone can master it. However, before experiencing it, you still need to learn some necessary introductory knowledge. All relevant information will be available New88 Share it with your readers right here.

Introducing some general outlines of Tien Len

Before finding out How to play Tien Len card game, let’s explore some information about this game. The game has a Western origin and uses a deck of 52 cards. Then in the twentieth century, it was introduced to Vietnam. Thanks to simple rules, Tien Len quickly received warm welcome from red and black followers.

Currently, this game has an online version with many convenient features, allowing you to experience it anytime, anywhere. Not only that, when participating in Tien Len at New88, players also have the opportunity to receive endless huge rewards.

Update the standard way to play Tien Len for new players

As mentioned, Tien Len card game has super easy to understand rules, just learn it and you can participate in playing. The following is a detailed guide to provide basic knowledge for new recruits.

Rules about the cards

Due to its Western origin, this game will use a deck of 52 cards but exclude 2 Joker cards. In addition, when intercepting your opponent, you need to pay attention to both the quality and value of each card. Only then can we avoid breaking the rules.

Besides, according to the current standard way of playing Tien Len cards, 3 will be the smallest card and 2 will be the largest. In terms of quality factors, the law stipulates their decreasing strength as follows: Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs > Spades . So in the deck of cards, 3 of Spades is the card with the smallest value, whereas the largest is 2 of Hearts.

Links in Tien Len

To win, what you need to do is combine the cards divided into as many links as possible. In Tien Len, we will have the following sets:

  • Junk cards: When learning how to play Tien Len, you will know that these are odd cards and cannot be combined into a complete set.
  • Sam Co: This is a combination of 3 cards with the same value, for example 2 Hearts, 2 Diamonds and 2 Clubs.
  • Straight: This concept refers to 3 or more consecutive valuable cards, otherwise it will not include a 2. In addition, we have the concept of a dragon straight which is a line running from 3 to A.
  • Pair: This link consists of 2 cards of the same value, for example 2 Hearts and 2 Diamonds.
  • Double pairs: This term only appears in the way of playing Tien Len in the South, which is a combination of 3 or more consecutively valid pairs. From there, we have the accompanying concepts of 3 pairs of communication, 4 pairs of communication, 5 pairs of communication or 6 pairs of communication.
  • Four of a Kind: This is a combination of 4 cards of the same value, a pretty strong hand you should pay attention to.

White win rule

The way to play Tien Len in the South will have an additional white rule, meaning you will win right from the beginning of the game if you own special links. In the first game, players need to have 3 pairs of diamonds or 4 pairs of diamonds including 3 Spades.

In the next rounds, players must own the links in the following order of priority to apply this rule, which are: Four of a kind, 6 pairs of cards, 6 pairs of any card, dragon straight, 12 – 13 copper leaves, black or red are fine.
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How to play Tien Len card correctly

To start a game of Tien Len, all players will bet the same amount of money. Then, each member is randomly dealt 13 cards, each table includes a maximum of 4 players.

The person who owns 3 of Spades will get the first turn to lower the card, and can play any odd card or combination. The next person needs to play the same card to block the opponent. For example, the set will cut the set, but the odd card must go with the trash card.

According to the standard way of playing Tien Len, the turn will continue counterclockwise. If a person cannot block the opponent, it will be considered a missed turn. The person who just played the card has the right to start the next round.

A game of Tien Len is considered over when the first person takes down all 13 cards in their hand. This member wins and will receive a reward according to the initially specified rate.

In the above article, we have just introduced to readers all the most general information about How to play Tien Len card game. Hopefully through this, new players will have mastered the basic introductory knowledge to confidently conquer every game. If you are looking for an ideal red and black space, register and experience at New88 today.

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