Southern lottery is considered one of the ways of entertainment that is both simple and has an effective life-changing opportunity. XSMN has expanded in scale throughout the Southern provinces, and players in the North and Central regions are also interested, creating a fair and healthy playing field. With a bonus value of up to 2 billion VND, you will have the opportunity to get rich in the blink of an eye. Together 789bet let’s find out.

Brief introduction about Southern lottery

Lottery prizes first appeared in 1962 and today have grown to be present in all 3 regions of the country with Northern, Central and Southern Lottery. And all 3 are under the management of the State, built and developed by the House. With the slogan “Benefit the country – Benefit the family”, the Southern lottery has attracted a large number of people to participate.

Each Southern lottery ticket has 6 digits, ranging from 000000 to 999999. All sheets are pre-printed with numbers and have different serial codes, players have the right to choose numbers when buying. The general selling price for all tickets is 10,000 VND, you can choose to buy at traditional agents or websites specializing in selling lottery tickets online.

Southern lottery has many differences compared to Northern lottery, the number of prizes is less. While XSMB has up to 27 prizes, XSMN has only 18 prizes. However, the reward for each prize in XSMN will be many times more attractive, with a special prize of up to 2 billion VND.

XSMN is protected by law so you can rest assured about the results, fairness and transparency. At the same time, participating in this form of entertainment, players do not violate the law, so there is no need to fear legal issues.

Southern lottery drawing schedule

In addition to the difference in prize structure, the XSMN drawing schedule is also more special than XSMB. Daily filming time is from 4:10 p.m. to 4:35 p.m. in 21 different provinces. Each location is only open 1 day a week, so there are 3-4 stations a day. Players when buying tickets and checking Southern lottery results need to pay attention to this issue:

  • 2nd: Including Ca Mau, Dong Thap and Ho Chi Minh City Lottery One Member Company Limited
  • Third: Includes Bac Lieu, Ben Tre and Vung Tau Lottery One Member Company Limited
  • Fourth: Includes Kien Thiet Lottery One Member Company Limited in Can Tho, Dong Nai and Soc Trang
  • 5th: Includes Kien Thiet Lottery One Member LLC of An Giang, Binh Thuan and Tay Ninh
  • 6th: Including Binh Duong, Tra Vinh and Vinh Long Lottery One Member Company Limited
  • Saturday: Includes Kien Thiet Lottery One Member LLC of Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Phuoc, Hau Giang and Long An
  • Sunday: Includes Kien Thiet Lottery One Member LLC in Kien Giang, Lam Dong and Tien Giang

The diversity in prize opening stations has created countless choices for participants. You can flexibly choose multiple stations in the same day to increase your winning rate.

How to look up Southern lottery tickets

Southern Lottery winning or not depends on determining the sequence of numbers and symbols printed on that ticket. Specifically, information such as lottery ticket distribution period, prize drawing date, 6 digits, serial number, etc. must match the periodically announced results. Lottery results are held under the control of the Southern Lottery Council. Players can completely rest assured about fairness and transparency here.

To search for tickets, you can visit websites that specialize in updating lottery results information. At the same time, players can also send SMS messages to the switchboard or watch online on television stations. The steps to search for tickets are as follows:

  • First, you must make sure the results table has an opening date and drawing station that matches the information on the ticket.
  • You can look up whether the 8th prize of the Southern lottery matches the last 2 numbers on the ticket or not. If you are lucky enough to win the eighth prize, you still have the opportunity to hunt for other attractive prizes.
  • Next, players should check for bigger prizes from prize 7 to special prize. The higher the prize, the more money the player receives. Because the Southern Lottery’s prize structure is increasingly improved and diversified, opening up countless life-changing opportunities for participants.

Special notes when participating in the Southern lottery

XSMN players need to pay special attention to the following issues to be able to successfully receive bonuses:

Explore the prize structure of the Southern lottery

Award name Number of spins Prize number Value of each prize Total bonus
Special Award 1 (dial 6 numbers) 6 2,000,000,000 VND 12,000,000 VND
First prize 1 (dial 5 numbers) 10 30,000,000 VND 300,000,000 VND
The second prize 1 (dial 5 numbers) 10 15,000,000 VND 150,000,000 VND
The third prize 2 (dial 5 numbers) 20 10,000,000 VND 200,000,000 VND
Fourth Prize 7 times (dial 5 numbers) 70 3,000,000 VND 210,000,000 VND
Fifth Prize 1 time (dial 4 numbers) 100 1,000,0000 VND 100,000,000 VND
Sixth Prize 3 times (dial 4 numbers) 300 400,000 VND 120,000,000 VND
Seventh Prize 1 time (dial 3 numbers) 1000 200,000 VND 200,000,000 VND
Eighth Prize 1 time (dial 2 numbers) 10.000 100,000 VND 100,000,000 VND
Special Extra Prize Compared to the special prize, it is only 1 digit in the hundreds place 9 50,000,000 VND 450,000,000 VND
Consolation prizes Compared to the special prize, the hundreds digit is correct but another digit in the remaining 5 numbers is wrong 45 6.000.000 270,000,000 VND

It can be seen that the number of prizes in the Southern lottery is not as many as the Northern lottery, but the value of each prize is many times more attractive. At the same time, there are many additional special prizes, Consolation prizes, also known as “Consolation prizes” for special cases.
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Conditions for participating in XSMN

Southern Lottery has a limit on participants. To ensure their rights, players should understand the following:

  • Players are Vietnamese citizens with the age of 18 or older
  • Vietnamese people legally residing abroad or foreigners legally entering Vietnam can also participate in accordance with the law.
  • Players need to have sufficient awareness and civil behavior capacity according to State regulations

Conditions for receiving Southern lottery rewards

Receiving conditions are often also very important. The winning lottery ticket must be intact, not wrinkled, torn, erased or show any signs of repair. If you fall into any of the above cases, that ticket is considered invalid and has no value in winning prizes.

The prescribed time to receive rewards is within 30 days from the date of results. If the deadline is exceeded, the lottery ticket will not be valid. When receiving the prize, you must bring identification and at the same time, the winner can authorize someone in case of force majeure.


Southern lottery increasingly growing and appearing in all regions of the country. Especially thanks to the support of 4.0 technology, you can buy tickets and check results anytime, anywhere. Besides participating in XSKT, you can absolutely bet on lottery numbers at 789BET to earn more income!

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