Online fish shooting games with prizes have become a popular online entertainment trend in the gaming community. However, not everyone knows how to grasp the strategies to have the most optimal experience. Do you want to become a real fish hunter? Together NEW88 Learn effective playing tips below.

The hottest online fish shooting game with prizes in 2024

The online fish shooting game for prizes is certainly no longer a strange game to the online gaming community today. This is a highly entertaining game where participants can play the role of a fish hunter at the bottom of the ocean. Most of today’s fish shooting versions are designed with vivid 3D space and realistic marine life systems, guaranteed to make you excited.

Each person will be equipped with guns and special attack features. The participant’s task is to quickly destroy moving marine species, in which each species will have different bonus values ​​(the larger the size, the higher the value). The system will base on the results of the target hunt to pay real money rewards to participating players’ accounts.

Summary of tips for playing the best online fish shooting game for prizes

The online fish shooting game with rewards is becoming one of the most popular entertainment games today because of its simple gameplay and the opportunity to earn attractive bonuses. However, not every random shot will win and get huge rewards, so players are required to have experience and know effective playing tips. 

Below New88 has compiled some extremely effective online fish shooting strategies, let’s refer to them.

Shooting fish in groups increases the probability of hunting fish

One of the tips for playing the online fish shooting game effectively is to shoot in groups. This method has the advantage of increasing the probability of hitting many fish as well as helping to save bullets. Specifically, everyone will watch when the targets move and gather into a group, then just shoot into the middle of the group to destroy many targets at the same time.

Bullets hunt all kinds of fish

Continuous bullet streaking is a simple but effective strategy for playing fish shooting games for prizes online at New88. In particular, this method is very suitable for mass destruction of small and common animals. Specifically, people will continuously rotate the gun barrel in all directions, then aim and shoot each bullet so that the bullets go in different directions. Normally, for small fish, it only takes 1 pill in one direction, but for large fish, use 2-3 pills.

Note that you should only use this strategy when you have a lot of betting capital because continuous bullet streaks will consume a lot of ammunition. In addition, you should combine shooting bullets continuously with other methods such as shooting fish in groups or using other weapons to increase the effectiveness of shooting fish.

Hit each fish individually

If you can identify the focus object, you should now use the strategy of shooting at each individual object (especially suitable for destroying high-level targets and boss fish). This strategy helps you optimally save ammunition and increase your chances of receiving great rewards. Aim carefully at the target, then release 2-3 rounds continuously to ensure you defeat them.
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Shoot ice balls with tremendous destructive power

Shooting marbles is a unique technique that many people use while playing online fish shooting games. People will use guns ice Balls with tremendous destructive power combined with continuously aiming bullets at an object. This helps you overwhelm the enemy and destroy more animals in a short time. In addition, marbles can move flexibly on the screen, helping you easily target and destroy them.

Sniper multiple targets at the same time

Another good strategy for playing fish shooting games with rewards online is sniping. At this point, you will not only focus on a specific object but will continuously point bullets at many prey at the same time (usually only applicable to small or common fish). This method will help you shoot down many small species but requires the player to spend effort on aiming as well as capital to buy bullets.

Combine special weapons to hunt fish easily 

Most online fish shooting games offer a specific arsenal of weapons and attack features. People should flexibly combine these weapons to increase damage and the opportunity to defeat many terrible bosses. We can mention a number of weapons with their power classification such as:

  • Regular gun: Basic gun with a fast rate of fire, suitable for killing small, common fish.
  • Ice gun: Creates ice balls that move in a straight line, destroying fish in rows.
  • Laser gun: Shoots powerful laser beams, penetrating many at the same time.
  • Grenade launcher: Creates a large explosion, causing great damage to many animals.
  • Electric gun: Creates a spreading electric current, making the target move slowly and easy to kill.
  • Shark gun: Stuns fish within the allowed range, suitable for terrible bosses. 
  • Shark trap: Has the effect of trapping bosses and making them unable to move for about 30 seconds.
  • Explosive bomb: Can kill all animals in the allowed area.
  • Radiation: Helps increase shooting ability and doubles the reward value of defeated species.
  • Electrocution: Causes species in the allowed area to be electrocuted and reduce their health.

What to pay attention to when playing online fish shooting game at New88?

Do you want to have fun and hunt many big bosses to win lots of money? If so, don’t forget to follow the special notes when playing online fish shooting games compiled by New88 below.

  • You need to choose a reputable, quality online fish shooting game address that ensures you can pay bonuses after each of your hunting trips.
  • You must manage your betting capital properly by setting a limit on the capital you will use to play and buy weapons. You should divide your capital into several amounts and limit betting too much on one game to avoid losses.
  • Carefully learn and apply online fish shooting game strategies flexibly depending on the situation in which the fish moves.
  • You should combine the use of different types of weapons as well as be ready to spend more capital to buy attack features to increase the effectiveness of shooting fish.
  • For newbies, you need to practice playing a lot to grasp the game mechanics as well as strategies.
  • Don’t forget to do the tasks updated by the house system as well as promotions to receive free bonuses,…


The above article has compiled tips for playing fish shooting games with prizes online in a detailed and easy-to-understand way. These tips will help you optimize, increase your ability to kill sea creatures and enjoy the game at its best. Remember to apply these strategies appropriately and wish you a great fish shooting experience at New88.

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